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You can make an offer on these properties. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Trust Properties List is prepared to inform Interested Person’s of property available For Sale by the Trustee as a result of Tax Sales previously held by the Sheriff, or, the Constable but not purchased. Properties not purchased at the previous tax sales are “struck-off" to the original plaintiff and held in trust until the property sells by private or public offer. This List will be updated as properties are added as a result of Tax Sales and properties are removed as a result of successful purchases by the offering process.

No offer or solicitation to purchase is implied by the availability of the Trust Properties List.

1.  ALL PERSONS interested in purchasing trust property should perform a diligent search of the records of the following entities:

Central Appraisal District - (936)336-5722


County Deed Records – PLEASE OBTAIN A COPY OF THE SHERIFF’S DEED - (936)336-4670

District Clerk Records (you will need to provide the clerk with the lawsuit number in order to get the court costs)


Liberty County Tax Assessor (for tax balances) - (936)336-4633

Devers ISD Tax Office (for tax balances) - (936)549-7591


You can also view the information on their websites.

2.  Additionally, ALL PERSONS interested should physically inspect the property prior to submitting an offer to purchase the property from the Taxing Entities who must approve the sale.

3.  Your offer must include all costs of the court and sale associated with the Tax Suit (Court Costs),  $300.00 Publication Fee and $34.00 for the Deed Fee.

4.  All offers must be approved by each individual taxing entity if the offer is less that all taxes years and costs due in the judgment.

The office of Mike Fielder, nor the staff, cannot give or offer any legal advice in these matters. We encourage Interested Buyers to seek legal advice from their own attorney.



The foregoing material is strictly for informational purposes only and does not provide legal advice or services. Use of any of the foregoing information does not create an attorney-client relationship. You should not act on the information provide without seeking legal counsel of your choice.  The law firm of Fielder, Davis and Sylvia represents a number of taxing jurisdictions. We do not represent taxpayers, purchasers of judgment property, or any other outside interest.  For further information, please contact your attorney.

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